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Who is behind the Damascus blasts?

Written by Inside Syria, Al Jazeera’

As twin car bombs hit the Syrian capital, killing 44 people, we examine what is next for the country’s uprising.

The uprising in Syria began nine months ago but this last week has been a particularly bloody one for Syrians, even by recent standards.On Friday, Damascus became the target of suicide car bombings for the first time as two huge explosions ripped through government intelligence buildings, killing at least 44 people.The key question is: Who is to blame?Activists are pointing the finger at government security forces while the government says it could be al-Qaeda. And all this happened as the first Arab League observers arrived in the country. Read more →

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Written by ECADFM

ስጋታችን ስንት ነው?

Written by Alemayehu Gelagay


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