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Gay and Sex tourism growing in Ethiopia says NGO

* Many Ethiopians fear that homosexuals and other Western tourists are taking advantage of the poverty and the large orphan population in Ethiopia.

Ever since the news of the gay conference went public, Ethiopians have been discussing the issue mainly on digital platforms such as Facebook. Most of the statements on the social networks reflect public loathing based on religious and cultural values. A 2007 Global Attitudes survey on the subject revealed that almost all (97 percent) Ethiopians believe homosexuality should be rejected by society, Read more →

Ethiopia’s Proposed Millennium Dam Designed by America in 1964

DR. MAGHAWRY SHEHATA DIAB, Prof. of Hydrogeology and water resources and former president of Menoufiya University, Egypt, disclosed that the water storage capacity of the proposed “Renaissance” or “Millennium” dam in Ethiopia is not 63 billion cubic meters as previously declared by its prime minister instead not more than 15 billion cubic meters as it was originally stated in the report of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation map of 1964. Read more →

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