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Amnesty: Ethiopia Using Terror Laws to Arrest Government Critics

Written by VOA   

Amnesty International says Ethiopian authorities have been using anti-terror laws as a pretext to arrest and silence politicians and journalists who criticize government policies.In a report released Friday, the human rights group said at least 114 opposition politicians and six journalists have been arrested since March. Read more →

Renaissance dam: Another Woyanne fiction?

Written by Ethiopian review

Meles Zenawi and his Woyanne junta in Ethiopia have been flooding the state-controlled media with ‘news’ and discussion about the so-called “renaissance dam” (Hidasse Gidib) and is asking Ethiopians to contribute money, some times forcibly confiscating one-month salary from employees. The junta has also been sending delegates to Diaspora to sell government bonds to “finance” the project. Since almost every thing that comes out of the Woyanne progapanda machine headed by Bereket Simon is a lie, to find out if there is really a construction project going, Ethiopian Review recently dispatched members of its Intelligence Unit to Benishangul-Gumuz, western Ethiopia.

Woyannes say that the construction started 2 and half years ago in secrecy under the name “Project X.” In April 2011, they renamed the project “Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.” In the previous month, March 2011, Salini Construttori was awarded $4.8 billion to construct the dam. However, as the photos below show, two and half years after the construction is said to have started, Read more →

ETHIOPIA: Court adjourned to pass verdict on Swedish journalists


The trial of Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson the, Swedish reporter and photographer respectively, on charges of terrorism and violating Ethiopia’s sovereignty by associating with the Ogaden National Lebration Front (ONLF), which the Ethiopian government has listed as a terrorist group, was adjourned for verdict after the hearing into the evidence of the defendants was completed this Wednesday. According to Jens Odlander, Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia, the trial is a time taking and complex one. He said the defendants appeared nervous standing before the court on Tuesday to give their side of the story. Read more →
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