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Ethiopia Growth to Slow Anlass Private Sector Boosted IMF Says

By William Davison

Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) — Ethiopia’s growth will slow to 6.5 percent this year and over the “medium term” unless there’s more private-sector involvement in infrastructure projects, the International Monetary Fund said. Economic performance was “mixed” in the 12 months to July 7, with “strong, broad-based growth” of 7 percent, the IMF said in an e-mailed statement yesterday. Inflation averaged 33 percent in the same period, according to the statement. Growth will be 6.5 percent in the medium term without an “increased role of the private sector to leverage the large public infrastructure investment, and efforts to improve the doing business conditions,” the IMF said in the statement. Read more →

ደመራ ( በሃይማኖታችን፥ በታሪካችንና በባሕላችን አንጻር )


( በሃይማኖታችን፥ በታሪካችንና በባሕላችን አንጻር )

ቀሲስ አስተርአየ ጽጌ

መስከረም ፳፻፬ ዓ..

ደመራደመረ ከሚለው የግዕዝ ቃል የተወሰደ ነው:: ትርጉሙ ጭመራ ማለት እንደሆነ ለማንም ግልጽ ነው:: ጥሪት (ካፒታል) እንዳይጎድል እንዳይቀነስ ይልቁንም እየበዛና እያደገ እንዲቀጥል ጠብቆ መያዝ የሚያስችል ደመራ ነው:: ስሙ እንደሚያመለክተው ማስታወሻነቱ ለተጠራቀመ፥ ለተሰበሰበና ለተጨመረ ነገር ነው:: በዓሉ አካቶ የያዛቸዉ ሥርዓቱ የሚከናወንባቸው ቁሳቁሶች፥ የደመራው እንጨቶች፥ ችቦዎች፥ አሽክቶችና፥ ሌሎችም በበዓሉ ዙሪያ የሚታዩት፥ የሕዝቡን ስሜት አንድ ላይ ሰብስቦ ስለያዘ ደመራ ተባለ:: የደመራ ተቃራኒው ቅነሳና ከፈላነው:: Read more →

Worst of the Worst: Ethiopia

Written by Baile Derseh Miherete

The highly repressive environment in Ethiopia worsened before and after Meles. The independent media journalists, the oppositions activists, the civil society, even innocent Ethiopians have fled the country to avoid prosecution. The ruling regime has turned Ethiopia today into the most aggression vault where its innocent citizens suffer. Read more →

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