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Constitution and separation of powers: a preview of Ethiopia’s 2010 election

December 16, 2008

Residents of the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa line up to cast ballots on May 15, 2005 elections which observers, including the European Union, declared null and void due to massive rigging by the incumbent ruling .”Ethiopia welcomes any political group at home or abroad for peace talks but only on one condition…That body has first to agree to accept, respect and safe-guard the nation’s constitution…As far as this stand is not changed negotiation with OLF or any other group is impossible. No body can change, improve or negotiate over the Constitution.” Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Read more →

The spirit is in the air

December 9, 2008

Leaders of the opposition Andinet presiding over a public meeting in Addis


A cloud of despair has been hanging over the country since the 2005 elections were stolen by the ruling party in power. You call home and ask how is it going? The answer is pretty much about the same: nothing has changed much. Read more →

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