ESAT launches 24hrs satellite radio service

Written by ESAT    / Monday, October 31, 2011

Press Release

Washington DC–The Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) is pleased to announce the launch of a satellite radio transmission to Ethiopia as part of its plan to boost its capacity and overcome the jamming efforts of the Meles regime. ESAT decided to deliver its radio transmissions via satellite after the regime started to interfere with its shortwave signals to Ethiopia. In the last few days, the Meles regime has launched intensive airwave piracy aimed at jamming our signals. It should be noted, however, that the shortwave radio broadcast will continue on alternating frequencies.

The futile efforts of the regime to rule the people of Ethiopia in total darkness will never succeed. With a firm belief that the Ethiopian people has an inalienable right to seek or impart information, news and views, ESAT has been making every effort to create a powerful media that can serve Ethiopians in and outside of Ethiopia.

In addition to its daily shortwave transmissions, ESAT will also broadcast selected content from its huge collection of various programs via its satellite radio transmissions.

Cognizant of the fact that the struggle of the Ethiopian people for freedom and dignity cannot succeed without strong media outlets, ESAT is taking the lead in defying tyranny by broadcasting news and views which are unlikely to get daylight in Ethiopia.

ESAT’s satellite transmissions will be available 24 hours a day which gives people the choice to listen to ESAT’s transmissions at any time. ESAT satellite radio transmissions are available 24/7 on:

• AB 2 Satellite

• KU Band

• 8 Degrees West

• Transponder = D-8

• Downlink Frequency = 11595 Vertical

• Symbol Rate = 27500

• FEC = 3/4

ESAT calls upon all concerned Ethiopians to inform family and friends inside Ethiopia on our new service details.

ESAT also avails itself of this opportunity to request every freedom-loving Ethiopian to do their level best to support the current international fundraising campaign to further build the capacity of this ESAT, the real voice of Ethiopia.

ESAT Management

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