39 EU parliament members call for Ethiopia human rights investigation

Written By AT editor
eu_parliamentA new letter signed by 39 members of the European Union Parliament asks for a full inquiry into human rights violations in Ethiopia, while calling into question the accuracy and impartiality of a controversial report completed by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission in April.

The letter to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, notes Ethiopia’s steadfast refusal to permit an independent investigation into human rights violations since the 2016 protests began, primarily among the Oromo people.

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Ethiopia: A Harvest of Death and Destruction Since May 28, 1991

Apocalypse-2The T-TPLF Horsemen of the Apocalypse a quarter of a century later in Ethiopia

On May 28, 1991, a rag tag rebel army of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) marched into Ethiopia’s capital. That day shall eternally live in infamy.

The TPLF is a terrorist organization listed in the Global Terrorism Database.

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CNN’s Van Jones and Fareed Zakaria destroy Trump’s lie that remaining in the Paris climate deal is bad for business

Zakaria: “This is a lose-lose-lose for the United States, and as I say, for a young presidency, it is already the single most irresponsible act that this president has taken”

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