French election results: Macron defeats Le Pen to become President

mmanuel Macron will beat Marine Le Pen to become President of France, according to early estimates that predict that he has claimed 65.5 per cent of the votes in the French election.

Such a comfoTM_TELECARDS-LIVE-rtable Macron win would be in line with what polls have been saying for weeks, with most polls saying that the 39-year-old centrist would win with a lead of around 20 points.

This is after Macron won the first round of voting on 23 April with 23.8 per cent of the vote.

Over a quarter of French people were estimated to have abstained in the election, with large numbers of supporters for the conservative Francois Fillon and the far-Left Jean-Luc Mélenchon staying home on election day.

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How racism makes us sick

Why does race matter so profoundly for health? David R. Williams developed a scale to measure the impact of discrimination on well-being, going beyond traditional measures like income and education to reveal how factors like implicit bias, residential segregation and negative stereotypes create and sustain inequality. In this eye-opening talk, Williams presents evidence for how racism is producing a rigged system — and offers hopeful examples of programs across the US that are working to dismantle discrimination.

2017 World Press Freedom Index | RSF – Reporters sans frontières

2017 World Press Freedom Index Data of press freedom ranking 2017 PDF

Index details

 Data of press freedom ranking 2017

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