Keeping Ms Birtukan Mideksa & Teddy Afro in our Prayers!

Dear Ethiopian netters and friends of Ethiopia around the globe,

In this special Holiday Season of 2008 and 2009, may you and your family be blessed in many wonderful ways! May everyone also
remember, in their prayers, Judge Birtukan Mideksa (the UDJ party leader), Artist Teddy Afro (the famous young Ethiopian Singer), and all those who languish in the pest and pet infested Woyane prisons. May we also keep our prayers for those who are suffering and being killed in other parts of Ethiopian regions to free themselves from tyrannical rule. Read more →

ባለቤቱን ካልናቁ አጥሩን አይነቀንቁ

በግንቦት ሰባቱ ምርጫ ድምጽህ በወያኔ መንግስት ተስርቆ ፥ ህገ መንግስታዊ መብታቸውን ተጠቅመው እምቢተኛነትን የገለፁ ከ200 በላይ የሚሆኑ ንፁሃን ልጆችህን እያየህ አይንህ ላይ ርሸነውብህ፥ ቀሪውንም ለእስር ፥ ለስደትና ፥ ከስራው ተፈናቅሎ ለቁም ስቃይ እንዲዳረግ ሆነ።

ዝርዝሩን እዚህ ላይ ያንብቡት

Bertukan Mideksa arrested, Prof. Mesfin attacked

The Chairperson of Ethiopian leading opposition party, Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ), W/t Bertukan Mideksa, has been reportedly arrested today, Monday, December 29. 2008 at around 2:30 PM by civilian clothed security agents of Meles Zenawi. According to reports, security agents also assaulted Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and her driver and raided UDJ’s offices. While Bertukan was on a recent tour in Europe, she had asserted that she did not ask for clemency from Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Weyane was so angered by her unswerving position that it demanded her to retract her statement on national TV and top officials interrogated her. Bertukan issued a statement recently revealing the fact s related to the so called clemency process.

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