The Penalties of Truth and Leadership – The Courage and Bravery of Judge Birtukan Medikssa

 Written by Dr. Shakespear Feyissa

“Under a government which imprison any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also prison”
Henry David Thoreau.

In her last article prior to her arrest for rendering a legally and factually accurate statement regarding the so called amnesty or pardon, Judge Birtukan Midekssa stated: “I don’t believe I have been subjected to all theseunjustifiable threats and intimidations for word interpretation, or deceitfulness, or violation of the law…the intended message is clear. It is to warn me and others who are engaged in peaceful non-violent struggle not to obey the Constitution, but rather to take direction and command from individuals, or the ruling party only. cannot agree or accept this notion.” Read more →

The foreign diplomat gala that isn’t


Meles Zenawi has outlasted three US presidents, and is working hard to outlast a fourth one.As America readies itself for the historic presidency of Barack Obama, Meles Zenawi is preparing a lavish party to celebrate Obama’s inauguration.

Ethiopia Can`t Afford a Lavish Dinner Read more →

Ethiopia can not afford a lavish dinner

National Public Radio(NPR)
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Cable News Network (CNN)

Dear: National Public Radio (NPR) and, Cable News Network (CNN)
First, I would like to express my gratitude for your impartial and credible broadcast services for millions at home and around the globe.

Read More >>>> Dear NPR and CNN,


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