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IMF & World Bank (Woyane is asking for Foreign Currency)

JAN 13 2009: Ethiopia asks for $50 million IMF grant see Viability Wilts as Prices, Demand for Oils and Metal Plummets Fortune Newspaper, Jan 11, 2009

The government has already been discussing with the IMF and the World Bank in particular, to find ways to solve its foreign currency problems. It has asked the former for a 50 million dollar grant under IMF’s External Grant Facility.

“This money will be used to reduce the pressure due to foreign currency shortage,” Fantahun Alemayehu, head of Macro Economy Policy and Management Department with MoFED, said.

There are several ways for the Ethiopian public to influence what the IMF does in Ethiopia:

  • The United States Congress periodically authorizes funding for the IMF. In the 1990s Congress attached several public consultation and transparency requirements to the bill that approved the US funding for the IMF. Ethiopians can carefully review this legislation and use it to require the IMF to openly explain what it is doing. Read more →

UDJP urges to stop violating oppositions

Ethiopia’s UDJ urges to stop violating opposition rights

Written by Tesfa-alem Tekl

January 13, 2008 (ADDIS ABABA) – The opposition Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ) urged the federal government of Ethiopia to respect constitutional rights of opposition parties in the country.

In a statement sent to Sudan Tribune, the opposition force said that the “recent mass arrest, intimidation and all kind of persecution against opposition leaders, members and supporters is a deliberately stretched ill-policy of Meles government to systematically weaken the political roles of the legally established opposition parties who are peaceful struggling to bring democratic rule in the country.” Read more →

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