The Billionaire and the Lapdog

Written by Yilma Bekele

alamoudi.gifIt was gratifying to see the disclosure regarding the contributors to the former president Clinton’s foundation. It is the price he paid to have his wife nominated to be Secretary of State. As a private citizen the law does not compel him to make his contributors public.He only had to tell the IRS which by law would keep it confidential. Read more →

Former OLF leader exposes OLF and TPLF propaganda

Written by Kirkos

In an interview, another former OLF leader shocked and destroyed the biggest propaganda schemes of the OLF and the TPLF separatist organizations.

Mr. Ababiya Abajobir was the former OLF External Relations director, the face of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to the world for many years, before he finally gave up the tough job of misinforming the world and chose to expose the historical lies the OLF has been shoving down the ears and hearts of our Oromo people. Read more →

China Said To Restore Blocks On Websites

The Chinese government has begun blocking access to certain websites that it had previously allowed Internet users to access, reports the New York Times.

Liu Jianchao, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, said at his twice-weekly news conference on Tuesday in Beijing that the Chinese government had a right to censor Web sites that violated the country’s laws. He added that “some Web sites,” which he did not identify, had violated China’s law against secession by suggesting that there were two Chinas — a reference to the Beijing government’s longstanding position that mainland China and Taiwan form a single China. Read more →

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