Will 2009 Become the Year of Ethiopian Independence from Dictators?

Solidarity Movement for New Ethiopia | January 4, 2009
Human rights cannot be fought alone, but will require all people to come together… Ethiopians should stand in solidarity and fight together against the human rights abuses committed against all of them… Ethiopians deserve a much better government than what they have now, but Ethiopians have to speak with one voice and then we will help them if they do this. (Mr. Chris Smith, U.S. Congressman) Read more →

“I do not believe that all this intimidation and threat is aimed only at me”

Written by Ms. Birtukan Midekssa
My word (testimony)

It is very difficult to describe what I felt after watching on Ethiopian Television the very same warning that was given to me at the federal police after being summoned there the afternoon of December 23, 2008

Although there is nothing that I will say different from what I know and believe in, since what happened has raised questions among the public, I have decided to write this to clarify the issue. Perhaps this can even be my last word. Read more →

What will you do when they come for you?

Written by Yilma Bekele
Judge Birtukan Mediksa has been arrested. According to reports civilian dressed TPLF cadres posing as the Federal police arrested the Andenet Party Chairwoman. Her colleague Professor Mesfin was roughed up and needed doctors care. Read more →
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