The Horn of Fear

Written by  Prof. Al Mariam
Donkeys, Liars and War Criminals

What a difference two years make! In December 2006, Zenawi invaded Somalia to save it from the “terrorist axis of evil” — Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and the Islamic Courts Union. In January 2007, he reassured the world, “We will be out of Somalia in a few weeks.” A year ago he likened opposition members of his Parliament who opposed his Somali invasion to that faithful beast of burden, the donkey. He said “both have big eyes, but suffer from myopia; and have big ears, but don’t hear.” Read more →

Tower of Babel and commonness of humankind

Written by Seble Worku

Upon recent discussions about the usual Ethiopian politics, a friend’s comment hit a nerve. Before we get to that let us read from Genesis 11:1-2. Commonness of mankind: “Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. As men moved eastward, they found in shiner and settled there”. Read more →

Djibouti port fees will fuel inflation: Ethiopia

Written by Reuters

ADDIS ABABA. Dec. 12, 2008 (Reuters) – The revival of a plan by Djibouti to charge Ethiopia an extra $22.5 million a year in port tariffs will push up inflation in the land-locked country, a senior Ethiopian business leader said on Friday.DJ

Ethiopia pays $700 million annually in port fees to the tiny Red Sea state, which has been its main gateway for imports and exports since it lost the ports of Assab and Massawa when Eritrea won its independence in 1991. Read more →

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