Our scorn shouldn’t be mistaken for apathy

OMFEU Commentary

Reporter, in its Amharic edition issued on 10 December 2008 amused us with its piece of interesting news. News that aimed at alerting us that UEDP-MEDHIN has submitted five rigorous questions to be answered by Woyanne’s Prime Minister at the parliament just on the morrow. Mind you, the questions are claimed to have been prepared by UEDP-MEDHIN and the answers are expected from Woyane. What a daring confrontation! Read more →

Do they know it’s (il)legal?


Izenawi_ngo_small.gifs a proposed law to regulate charities in Ethiopia an attempt to regulate a sprawling sector and block foreign political interference or a clampdown on civil society?

A draft proclamation published and revised several times this year has been criticised by African and international rights groups. Ethiopian civil society groups allege some provisions are unconstitutional

Critics argue the proposed rules, especially on foreign funding of Ethiopian NGOs, will deliberately stifle local human rights groups critical of the government and could disrupt aid operations implemented by local groups. Read more →

The Billionaire and the Lapdog

Written by Yilma Bekele

alamoudi.gifIt was gratifying to see the disclosure regarding the contributors to the former president Clinton’s foundation. It is the price he paid to have his wife nominated to be Secretary of State. As a private citizen the law does not compel him to make his contributors public.He only had to tell the IRS which by law would keep it confidential. Read more →

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